Occupational Deprivation

Occupational deprivation is often believed to only affect those experiencing extreme situations, whose opportunity to complete desired occupations is restricted and limited. These extreme situations allude to those who are refugees, those currently experiencing imprisonment or even those experiencing domestic abuse, for example. So what is “occupational deprivation” and why should we all be aware of […]

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Therapeutic Use of Self

The “Therapeutic Use of Self” is a term that is often used in occupational therapy and other therapies. However, the general consensus is that no one really knows what the therapeutic use of self is, or why it is so important. The term “therapeutic use of self” is the “thoughtful and deliberate use of one’s personality, opinions, and […]

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What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

What is occupational therapy? Occupational therapists get asked this question regularly. For those who have heard of the profession they either think occupational therapy is stuck in our historical past, still basket weaving or occupational therapists only help people get dressed. Whilst both are potentially true, occupational therapists are so much more than many people […]

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